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Grief Education Sessions

Although it's difficult today to see beyond the sorrow, May looking back in peaceful memory help comfort you tomorrow. ~ Author unknown

Grief Education Sessions

Welcome! I am a Certified Spiritual Life Coach who helps people in grief, encompassing loss from the end of a relationship/divorce, associated loss due to illness, and loss of a loved one. I offer a 20 minute free consultation to serve as an introduction to each other, to expand on who I am and my approach and to see if our energies match and you feel this would be a good fit for you. Join me in a safe space to share, be witnessed and experience your loss through the power of love, energy healing and expression. All sessions begin with a brief guided meditation and few moments of silence.

60 minute sessions can be individual or in small groups and can be combined with a coaching package depending on needs.

Individual Grief Sessions not connected to a coaching package: $50.00
Small Group Sessions: $30 per person

Please feel free to contact me directly at: 508-246-9619 or with additional questions.

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