What Is Reiki

Reiki has roots in Japanese origin. The word Reiki comes from the Japanese words Rei and Ki. Rei means 'Universal Life' and Ki means 'Energy'. It is a life force energy that flows through all living beings. It is not affiliated with any religion yet is spiritually guided.

Reiki sessions are wonderful for alleviating stress and tension. When our bodies are free of stress, we can help create balance and the best environment possible for mind and body healing. Our “Ki” should be free flowing. Blockage or weakness of this energy might result in physical or emotional imbalance.

Reiki is an effective form of energy bodywork but is not a form of massage. It can be a wonderful stand-alone relaxation tool but can also be used to help facilitate healing of pain and alleviate symptoms from inflammation and arthritis. Reiki has also been shown to help ease discomfort, fatigue and sickness that can result from cancer treatments. Penn Medicine published an interesting story on this topic: Reiki, A Light Touch that Helps Cancer Patients. 

The Flow of Reiki Sessions

Clients remain fully clothed so I suggest dressing for comfort. Though my hands are used to administer the treatment, there is very little to no touch involved. I do play relaxing music and ideally you will experience a very relaxed and meditative state throughout the treatment. I am available for in person sessions , as well as mobile sessions where I come to you. I also offer distance healing sessions. Distance healing sessions are just as effective and are primarily for those who might not be ambulatory or have other concerns about an in-person session.  A distance Reiki session is 30 minutes long and appointments are made at a pre-determined time after a free consult with me. In person and mobile sessions are either 30 or 60 minutes long and include a free initial consult.

To schedule a session feel free to email me at Payment for in person sessions can be made at time of visit. Payment for distance sessions can be made securely through my services page.  Check out my services page for additional information regarding rates.

Reiki for Animals

I am also certified in animal Reiki. It can be a wonderful healing tool for our animals in maintaining overall health and well being. It can be used as a complementary healing modality along with other healing practices, or it can be used alone.

Reiki is a wonderful aid in stress reduction for both pre and post-surgery and also in those animals that tend to be generally anxious or suffer from separation anxiety. Reiki can also help strengthen the deep bond between animals and their caregivers and can be a wonderful addition to end of life care for our pets.

Reiki sessions are available for dogs, cats, horses, other farm animals and birds. Sessions are offered on site where the animal resides to help make them more comfortable. However, distance healing sessions are also available should the circumstances dictate.

Sessions are typically 30 minutes long, with a free 15 minute consultation pre and post-session and are made by appointment only. Please email me at for rates and to request an appointment and for any additional information you might need.

Disclaimer: Reiki is a complementary healing modality typically used in conjunction with ones complete healthcare program. Reiki energy work is not a substitute for traditional medical treatment. We do not diagnose or prescribe medication. If you have a serious health imbalance, please see an appropriate healthcare professional.