Journey with me on a path to spiritual wellness. 

** Spring Special **  Raise Your Vibration with Reiki!

** Spring Special ** Raise Your Vibration with Reiki!

Welcome Spring with a positive energy shift! Choose a path of light and love, and raise your vibration to connect with spirit on a more profound level.

A 30-minute Reiki session can help to balance your chakras and bring your mind and body into alignment, resulting in the body being at its best to heal. Reiki can help one to center and release etheric debris that might be creating limiting beliefs and causing imbalance. Reiki can help to raise your vibration through relaxation, mindfulness and intention.

Schedule a 30 minute Reiki session, the cost is $30, between March 22 and April 15th, and receive a 20 minute Oracle or Tarot Card Reading for free! A card reading after a Reiki session is a wonderful way to tap deeper into your energy flow, and gain clarity on a situation, person or circumstance in your life.

With Mercury in Retrograde until April 15th, this is a wonderful way to set intentions and seek answers to questions during this time of uncertainty and perhaps even confusion. Start the Mercury direct phase in April with an open heart and healthy energy shift!

Contact me at: sarah@soulofplacehealing.com or feel free to call me at 508-246-9619 for additional information and to schedule your session. I look forward to hearing from you.  

Blessings ~Sarah

Tarot Tuesdays - Free Readings!

Tarot Tuesdays - Free Readings!

Mercury Retrograde 2018

Mercury Retrograde 2018