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Welcome to Summer Reiki Schedule!

Welcome to Summer Reiki Schedule!

With another lovely Cape Cod summer just around the corner, I want to remind everyone of my seasonal schedule and various sessions that I am offering.


Mondays ….Closed

Tuesday …. 9am-5pm






All sessions for Reiki and readings are by appointment only. Occasional evening appointments are available if needed. If you do not see a time or day that suits your schedule, I can be somewhat flexible with notice. I offer in person, mobile and distance Reiki sessions.



I have a lovely treatment room at Calm Studio where I am available for sessions every Saturday. I also offer mobile Reiki where I come to you!

60 minute Reiki Session $65.00

30 Minute Reiki Session $30.00

Mobile and distance healing sessions are priced the same as above for in Falmouth locations. If travelling outside of Falmouth, pricing will vary depending on location.

Reiki sessions are all about intention. No matter which type of Reiki session you are interested in, keeping an open heart to receive is the most important step in a healing session. Distance sessions are where my client is in the comfort of their home or hotel travelling, whatever their living circumstance at that time, and I send the Reiki over distance to them. The time and day is scheduled just as an in-person session is. It is a wonderful option and just as effective as an in-person session.

All sessions include a free consultation prior to appointment. I offer 10% off your next session, if you pre-book at the end of your appointment!

Reiki with Essential Oils:

I am so thrilled to also now be offering Reiki sessions with essential oils! All oils are therapeutic grade. Essential oils are a wonderful complementary addition to a Reiki session, both through aromatherapy and topical use. Each Reiki treatment with essential oils starts with a free consultation prior to the session, to determine which oils would be most beneficially incorporated into your session. Each client takes home a free sample of that oil used in their session!

60 minute Reiki session with oils … $75.00

30 minute Reiki session with oils … $40.00

Oil Rollerballs available for purchase for $25.00 per 10ml bottle

Tarot and Oracle Card Readings:

Card readings are scheduled by appointment only. I offer phone, email and in-person readings. I am a light worker and so all readings are offered only from a place of divine white light, energy and love.

1-3 card reading …        $10.00

-          Express one question reading

½ hour card reading … $40.00

-          10 card more in depth reading generally one topic or question

1 hour card reading …  $75.00

-          Two questions or topics so varying card spreads of 7-10 cards each

Please email or call me with any additional questions and to schedule a session or reading: 508-246-9619 or sarah@soulofplacehealing.com. Feel free to jump ahead to my services page and purchase a reading of your choice. Be sure to email me your question or area of concern and indicate your preference for delivery: phone/email/in-person. I look forward to working with you!

Summer blessings,


When The Healer Needs Healing

When The Healer Needs Healing

Relax and Renew Package with Calm Studio

Relax and Renew Package with Calm Studio