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Energy Healing and Card Readings – Connectivity

Energy Healing and Card Readings – Connectivity

I have had many people recently asking about what I do. Most specifically about Reiki, what it is and how it “works”! But I also have people quite interested in learning more about Tarot and Oracle card readings and how a card reading evolves and the connection one has to our energy. I love to talk about what I do and how energy healing can be a wonderful addition to our self-care routines and so thought it might help to offer a refresher!

I am a Reiki Master, having received my training and certification in Usui Reiki. A Reiki Master means that not only am I a Reiki practitioner but I can also teach Reiki! Right now I am focusing on being a practitioner, but my intention is to begin teaching in 2019, both online and in person classes.

And so, what is Reiki? Reiki has its roots in Japanese origin with the ‘Rei’ meaning Universal Life and ‘Ki” meaning Energy. It is quite simply universal life force energy, intuitive energy that flows through us all. It is not based in religion, yet it is very spiritually guided.

Essentially our ‘Ki’, our life force energy should be free flowing through our energy pathways, or meridians. Our chakras, chakra means vortex or wheel, are energy stations. And so when our energy is not free flowing our chakras can become imbalanced. Whether it is spinning too fast, too slow, or becoming blocked, this can create emotional or physical imbalance in our bodies. Reiki can help the body realign and come back to a place of balance to allow for natural healing. Reiki isn’t just for humans! I am also certified to practice animal Reiki. It is approached slightly differently given that we are dealing with animals, but the treatment and intention is the same.

Reiki is not a form of massage. I do not touch my clients unless necessary. The energy intuitively flows through my hands as I hover over the body. I get asked frequently if this is my energy that is being used to heal. No, I am the conduit or the channel through which the Reiki flows, it flows through me to my client. I enter my sessions with the power of intention. Intention is so important for just about all that we do in our lives, whether it be work or relationships, if our intention is strong, pure and coming from a place of divine light and love then this can only strengthen the connection.

Reiki can be done in person or through distance healing sessions. Because it is an intuitive energy, distance energy sessions can be just as effective as in person. Distance sessions are scheduled at a mutually agreed upon time, just like an in-person session. The client finds a comfortable spot at home or under the stars, near the ocean, what ever works best for them! I send reminders a few minutes prior to the session to be sure my client is ready. I work from a meditative Reiki space where I connect with my client’s energy intuitively and send the energy just as I would in person. It is an amazingly lovely and very powerful source of relaxation and healing. Distance sessions can be a great option for those who might be in a situation where they cannot come to me or me to them, or those who prefer the privacy of their own home and space. Distance sessions are no less powerful than an in-person session. In fact, I have found distance sessions to sometimes offer the client a more quiet and private space to feel more comfortable to receive. For me I love to share it no matter how close or far apart we may be geographically.

I love to do Reiki sessions in conjunction with card readings. Starting with a Reiki session really helps me to connect to a client’s energy and bring that forth into a Tarot card reading as well! I am an empath, clairsentient and intuitive healer. A Tarot or Oracle card reading tells a story. I work only in the light and with angels and guides and so readings are not something to be approached with fear. Most readings are very positive and even when a challenging card turns, this is only to point the client on a path to self-awareness and growth! I always say that intention helps the person receiving the reading as well. The intention to remain open to receiving the messages through the cards. It is amazing the gifts we can receive if we remain open to divine spirit messages and love <3

Even though I love to do a session and card reading together it is not necessary. I love to both individually as well and certainly neither experience will lack if chosen individually. If interested in scheduling a session please email me: sarah@soulofplacehealing.com.

Do you have questions? I love to open a dialog about this so that people can gain clarity about the wonderful healing aspects of both Reiki and Tarot/Oracle readings and perhaps dispel any myths.

Much light and love ~Sarah

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