I am a woman; a mother; animal lover; vegetarian; writer, partner. I am clairsentient, an empath and intuitive healer. I lean into my unwavering faith on a daily basis and subscribe to ‘believing is seeing’ … sometimes we don’t see what we need to see until we have faith and believe. I have journeyed since I was young, and still do to this day, through the world of spirituality, metaphysics and ontology.

Growing up I was blessed with many experiences that tapped into my intuitive nature and certainly shaped who I was to become at this stage in my life. But it was a very profound spiritual experience four years ago and then a life altering breast cancer diagnosis three years after, that propelled me to follow through with my intentions to help offer guidance and clarity to those in need. Reiki, Crystals/Stones and Tarot all aligned with my sense of purpose, as my past experiences were strongly routed in feeling and sensing energy around me … both mine and others.

I am a Licensed Reiki Master Teacher and energy practitioner, having studied with and received my certificate from Suzanne Dann at the School of Sacred Healing Light. I am also a certified Animal Reiki Practitioner as well as being a member of the International Association of Reiki Professionals.

I am a Certified Angel Tarot Card Reader having studied with and received my certification from and Radleigh Valentine. I am also a member of The American Tarot Association.

I am an intuitive and passionate writer. I write about how I feel and sometimes about how others feel! I love to share these musings in my blog as an additional conduit for healing. Sometimes the writing may be a form of guidance and others times it may be a small part of my personal journey. My hope is that either way, the reader can come away with renewed hope and perhaps a new level of quiet introspection.

Outside of my professional life, I can most likely be found outdoors with the man in my life. I am blessed to live on the Cape and so I will be ... at the beach, at the farm walking trails, running, biking and also sitting in peace at some of my most sacred spots.

I look forward to sharing in this journey with you and hope that you will contact me at: with any questions you might have.