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Intuitive Mindset Coaching


Intuitive Mindset Coaching


Intuitive Mindset Coaching is about recognizing how the power of our mind and thoughts can impact, and often interrupt, our daily living. Self limiting beliefs can create barriers to reaching our soul potential, and experiencing abundance and healthy relationships and love.

Mindset coaching can help you identify these patterns that no longer serve you, and guide you to a place of reversing and eliminating them. Imagine the impactful changes that can positively shift the energy around your relationships, career, income potential, friendships and of course honoring self-respect and self love!

As an intuitive advisor and coach, sessions are unique to each individual's energy and needs. My current package is the same for all with regards to duration and cost, yet the ingredients of what makes these sessions so special, will be different and distinct I am offering one 5-session package, all completed within a four week time period. For local clients the sessions will be in person at my studio space in Woods Hole The sessions include and are broken down as follows:

** The 1st session is a 30 minute review and discussion around the client's intake and goal/vision form.
** The 2nd session is 60 minutes and includes a 30 minute distance Reiki/Chakra balancing session and a 30 minute Tarot Card reading. The Reiki and reading are beautiful tools to help me connect with your energy and get a baseline of your story thus far and offer some tools to help guide you through this process. I recommend the 2nd session be booked soon after the 1st, preferably within the same week.
** The 3rd, 4th and 5th sessions are 60 minutes in length. These sessions will include discussion, review of homework and goals. There will be guided meditation, additional readings and/or Reiki. This is where the unique design comes into play! If meditation is not what works best for you then we will work together through discussion and energy exchange.

I offer a free 20 minute consultation and encourage everyone to start with that. This way we can determine if this coaching package is the right one for you. Remember: intention is most important here. Setting your intention to receive guidance and be open to self reflection and change.

Special introductory rate of $599.00.

Feel free to call or email for additional information in the meantime:

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