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Intuitive Readings with Tarot


Intuitive Readings with Tarot

A Tarot or Oracle card reading tells a story. I work only in the light and with angels and guides and so readings are not something to be approached with fear. Most readings are very positive and even when a challenging card turns, this is only to point the client on a path to self-awareness and growth! I always say that intention helps the person receiving the reading as well. The intention to remain open to receiving the messages through the cards.

I am a very honest yet compassionate reader. I tell the truth based on the story the cards are telling. In my years of experience I feel that coming with a direct question or a focused area of interest, offers the most revealing outcome! Readings can be a custom view for you based on the guidance you are seeking, whether it be love and relationships, career and finances or life purpose.

I also offer Tarot Reading parties! Are you looking for a unique way to celebrate a special occasion, or a gathering of some of your closest family and friends? I can custom tailor the party depending on the event and number of people. I am local to Falmouth, MA but may consider other close locations on the Cape. Please contact me, Sarah, directly for additional information.

To book a reading please email me: | or call/text at 508-246-9619.


30 minute reading: $40.00
60 minute Reading: $80.00

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