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Moving Through Grief Gently: A Guided Journey with Meditation, Reiki, Music and Movement

Although it's difficult today to see beyond the sorrow, May looking back in peaceful memory help comfort you tomorrow. ~ Author unknown

Moving Through Grief Gently: A Guided Journey with Meditation, Reiki, Music and Movement

Grief changes us. We can heal after loss but the grief never goes away, we learn to grow around it. Grief is love in its most raw form. It can make us feel at our worst and sometimes so enlightened we glow with the love of who or, that which we lost.

As a Certified Grief Educator and Spiritual Life Coach I help people in grief. Grief can encompass loss from the end of a relationship/divorce, associated loss due to illness, and loss of a loved one and pets. I offer a 20 minute free consultation to serve as an introduction to each other, to expand on who I am and my approach and to see if our energies match and you feel this would be a good fit for you.

Join me in a safe space to share, be witnessed and experience your loss through the power of energy healing, meditation, movement, self expression and love. I offer individual sessions at the moment, but coming soon, in early 2024 I will be offering small groups, up to 6 people maximum.

1:1 sessions are 60-75 minutes in duration. Begin with a lovely ten minute guided meditation which helps to relax and center your energy. The meditation is an encouraging and gentle lead into a 30 minute space for self expression and sharing. The session concludes with a calming and grounding 20 minutes of Reiki, to help purify, cleanse and release any residual blocks in your energy. As I am a spiritual coach, my sessions are a safe space to discuss the afterlife, signs from our loved ones and and the universe. I am open for this discussion but will never push this.

A journal is included in the package price, to be used as a continued form of self expression between sessions.

Coming Soon! The group sessions are 60-75 minutes in length each and begin with guided meditation, leading into a group discussion and sharing, followed by 20 minutes of Reiki and somatic movement.

No previous experience with these modalities is necessary, simply an open heart and intention to receive healing energy.

Individual sessions are purchased as a package of seven, as we will gently cover the six stages of grief with the first session being the general overview. Sessions can be held weekly or bi-weekly depending on needs and schedules. Attendance at all seven sessions is encouraged and preferred to help create connection, consistency and a sense of belonging and security.

Individual Grief Sessions : $420.00 for the 7-session package including a journal to keep. Additional individual sessions can be purchased after the completion of the seven weeks at a discounted rate.

**Coming Soon! Small Group Session Packages: $250 per person for seven sessions which includes a Journal to keep.**

Please feel free to contact me directly at: 508-246-9619 or with additional questions and/or to book a session.

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